Livestrong® LS5.0R Recumbent Bike
Brand: Johnson Health Tech North America, d.b.a. Horizon Fitness
Product Code: B0065MSM70

Livestrong® LS5.0R Recumbent Bike

A comfortable, accessible workout. The convenient, step-thru frame design of the LS5.0R makes it easily accessible for any user; just step through the frame and sit down. The contoured seat provides greater lumbar support and makes your exercise routine more comfortable for longer rides. Our exclusive FreeSpin™ technology eliminates sudden, jarring stops and prevents undue stress on your joints, allowing you to coast comfortably when you stop pedaling. Programs for every fitness level: Sixteen levels of magnetic brake resistance allow you to start your exercise routine at any level and gradually progress as you build endurance and strength. For even greater challenges, the LS5.0R features 9 preprogrammed workouts, giving you more variety and keeping your workout routine fresh and motivating. Easily monitor your heart rate: Easy-to-use contact heart rate grips take the guesswork out of reaching the intensity level that’s right for you. Simply hold on to the conveniently placed grips, and monitor your heart rate level to make sure you’re staying within the desired range to get the most out of your workout. Quality construction backed by strong warranty protection: The LS5.0R features a durable frame that can withstand any workout intensity. You can stay concentrated on reaching your fitness goals without the discomfort and distraction of a wobbly frame or rattling noise. We guarantee the durability and quality of this machine with a 7-year frame and brake warranty, 90 days on parts and unlimited in-home repairs. Purchases of this product help to generate donations to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the fight against cancer.